How to have fun at a bachelor’s party

Even though in the most movies a bachelor’s party is thrown in Vegas, Romania is not a bad place after all to have lots of fun, spiced up with some exotic elements. Booze, gambling, girls. And no, these are not lyrics from a song. We’re talking about men’s choices when it comes to a bachelor’s party. And, let’s be serious, what could be more fun at a bachelor’s party than drinking with your friends while drooling over some beautiful girls that are dancing around?

A bachelor’s party’s kings – booze, music, women

Take your time to save some money. Because, when it comes to a successful bachelor’s party, you gotta have the money to spend on all the crazy stuff you’ve ever dreamed of. Rent a limousine and feel like some kind of kings. Bachelor’s kings. Look up the most expensive pubs in Bucharest’s Old City (Centrul Vechi) and drink up the finest drinks ever. Champagne showers don’t come from an unknown field. Spend lots of money on gambling. You can’ tell when you’ll be able to fool around, knowing that she wants a new apartment, the washing machine fixed and an Ultra HD TV.

Looking for the queens of a bachelor’s party? Try an erotic massage salon

The special moment of the party: gather all your friends and give them the most exotic surprise – take them to an erotic massage salon in Bucharest. And you’d better do that before you’re dead drunk. If you’re looking for an erotic massage in Bucharest, try Mon Amour. This is the place where all your dreams come true, brought to reality by hot girls willing to fulfill all your fantasies. Dressed up in the most exciting lingeries, those hot girls are ready to spoil you with shower or Jacuzzi massages, with or without whipped cream. Just imagine a hot woman waiting for you in a Jacuzzi – it’s a dream come true right in Bucharest’s Old City. Take your friends and just enjoy and live this dream.


Hangover’s king – Sour borsch and pickles

After a night with lots of fun and booze, you’ll need in the morning the fastest cure for a hangover. Have a sour borsch and a steak with pickles. Then, while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, try to remember what you did the night before. You only remember that erotic massage salon, don’t you?

Just make sure you’re not reading this article near your wife-to-be. You might end up just with erotic massage and the friends with whom you’ve shared the experience. Have fun!


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